Manja L. Lyssy was born in Basel, Switzerland. Her mother tongue is Swiss German and she began learning French at age three. She attended International School Basel, where she learned English and became familiar with international culture. Her friendships with people from all over the world have influenced her perceptions and artistic sensibilities.She left home at the age of eighteen to attend Tisch School of the Arts at NYU. Throughout the course of her studies, she wrote many screenplays and made several short films‚ all leading up to her thesis film, "Daughter of Lilith." Manja is currently working as a casting associate on independent films in New York City.



Benjamin R. Nathan is a producer, director, and founder of Footage Films ( He has worked in film, television, and online media in New York, Los Angeles, and Santa Fe. His recent credits include the national PBS series "Moment of Luxury" (Assistant Director), award-winning short film "Sole Soul Sol" (Producer, Director, Editor); Ben is currently in development on a feature documentary film about the power of dance to change children's lives, entitled "I Can Dance!" (Director). Ben first developed an interest in film through his passion for tap dance and choreography. He continues to pursue both art forms, working to create meaningful and conscious media. Ben is proud to be the producer of "Daughter of Lilith," and thrilled to be working with director/writer Manja L. Lyssy.



In her six years as a Cinematographer Trisha Solyn has shot for all mediums, including television, film, Internet, and publishing.  Her passion for Cinematography began while studying film at UCLA in their prestigious Program of Theater, Film and Television. While at UCLA, Trisha shot numerous documentaries, short films, and television shows, earning a nomination for a student Emmy Award. Her thesis film “Clothed” screened in the Los Angeles International Film Festival.  After Graduating, Trisha worked as a DP for the major studios shooting teasers and commercials. She has shot commercials for companies like Puma, Coors, Brooklyn Lager, Calvin Klein, etc. She also completed a Documentary called “Relationships in America” which explored the psychology behind people and their relationships with others.   

Trisha is currently pursuing more narrative work in NY as well as a Master’s degree in Cinematography from NYU’s Tisch program. While in NY, Trisha has expanded her portfolio with projects such as “Go Fish,” “Zombie,” “Fat Girls Can’t Dance,” “24 Hours,” and “Daughter of Lilith” as well as well as 3 feature documentaries, including the award winning “Honor in the Valley of Tears.”  She continues to shoot for commercials and television, and has recently expanded into shooting music videos. She has had the pleasure of shooting for such upcoming artists as Supanova, the Tokyo Police Club, Regina Spektor, and TAB the Band. She has recently started shooting tabletop photography and her work and be seen published in books like “Tastefully Small Desserts.”  This year, Trisha also wrapped as Cinematographer on her first narrative feature film “It’s All Been Arranged.” She is in development on her second narrative feature and is always looking for the next exciting project.