Daughter of Lilith is set in a remote, Hasidic town. It is a place without newspapers, without television, with no contact to the outside world. The community shuns the moral perils of American society.

Chaim just had his first-born, a healthy son, with his young wife. As part of an ancient, superstitious ritual he places an amulet around the baby’s neck, to protect him from the dangers of Lilith. Lilith, said in Jewish mythology to be the woman created before Eve, is believed to prey upon male babies before their circumcision. While Chaim remembers to shield his son from her danger, he ironically forgets to protect himself.

In the village there is an orphanage, home to six little girls. One of these girls, Techiya, rebels against the establishment. She is vain, disobedient, tragic and mystical. Techiya is a daughter of Lilith, a tantalizing temptress. When she refuses to light Shabbat candles, as she will not “redeem for Eve’s sins,” her guardian and the Rabbi decide that a punishment must be put in place.

Techiya must go to the 'Koyllel,' where the men study, to scrub and clean. It is there that she encounters Chaim and makes him the victim of her preternatural powers. Can Chaim withstand the temptation, or will he give in and taint his future in the community?